Currently Sipping – Week of March 2, 2015

Happy Thursday my wine loving friends! So, let’s jump right in shall we? The wine I’m totally “crushing” on right now is the 2013 Apothic Crush. (See what I did there?) I’m currently down in Alabama so I don’t have quite the plethora of selections as I do in Washington. (*Sigh* Washington you have spoiled me.) So, upon my arrival down here I stopped at Wal-Mart to grab some groceries. It was the tiniest wine selection I’ve ever seen! (Not to be confused with a small selection of tiny wine bottles which would probably be really freakin’ adorable.)
Apothic Crush

Paired with brown sugar fried bananas drizzled with chocolate per Food Network. Heavenly!

The decision was between a Malbec or this lovely gem. Self high-five for picking Apothic!! It costs $11.00 so it’s certainly in the affordable range. Coming from California it’s a blend of Pinot Noir and Petite Sirah. After breathing in delicious aromas of chocolate, coffee and dark fruits like black raspberry and plum I was so excited to take a sip. And then I did and BAM! It was a fruity, fun and fantastic parade of flavors in my mouth. You really taste the chocolate and almost vanilla or caramel. It’s very smooth and light bodied with low to medium tannins. Very nice finish with lingering choclate and coffee notes. It’s only available through April 2015 so go snatch some up quick!

So, onto the second bottle in this Alabama wine adventure. Since I ended up staying longer than planned, I stopped at a local grocery store to restock on food, in the grape variety, in liquid form. OK it was wine. I really wanted to see if I could find a bottle of wine from somewhere down South. After hanging out in the wine section for a bit I spotted a bottle with a seagull and a lighthouse on the label that didn’t quite fit in. The label said “Scuppernong” and was produced by Duplin Winery in Rose Hill, North Carolina. Now, in all of my wine drinking years (roughly 5 at this point) I had never heard of this grape. I knew it was a sweet wine which I’m not too crazy about but I do enjoy them every now and then. I purchased the bottle and was super excited to take it home and sample!

The North Carolina History Project lists the Scuppernong grape as “the first actively cultivated grape in the United States.” (Be sure to click the link, there’s a neat story about the background of the grape with Thomas Jefferson in it!) Now, the Scuppernong grape is a variety of the Muscadine grape and this little tidbit over at E.C. Kraus helps to clarify the difference between the two. It’s definitely a very floral and fruity wine with apple, peach and pear notes and also has this sort of musty smell going on. The Scuppernong was medium bodied with a low to medium acidity. Although it falls at 12% alcohol, it felt like a bit more than that but that could be due to the sugar as well. It’s a little bit too sweet for my taste but other wine drinkers might enjoy it.

Sassy and sweet Scuppernong

Let me know in the comments below what you’re sipping on this week!

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