There’s No Crying in Wine Drinking (Or Creative Uses for a Steak Knife) – Pt. 2

So where were we friends? Ah yes, the very unpleasant situation of dealing with half of the cork stuck in the neck of the wine bottle. A simple Google search resulted in these delightful solutions from WikiHow. After making several attempts, I passed the bottle over to my boyfriend (in all of my stubborness). And wouldn’t you know it? He removed it with a steak knife! (Despite my bad mood and certainty that such silliness would never work.) So, after filtering the remaining cork tidbits through a coffee filter we were finally able to enjoy this lovely bottle of wine. Let me tell you a little bit about it!

Spanish Wine

The star of this story

This fantastic wine was a 2005 Gran Vinya Son Caules Vinyes Velles. Whew. It is 75% Callet and Manto Negro grapes blended with 15% Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. I’m glad I drank it when I did because it was just perfect. It definitely needed to breathe for awhile (I think I waited about an hour) to cut down on some of those tannins. Because of the age it was very ruby red to almost brownish in color. It has dark overripe fruit notes like dark cherry and plum, as well as smoke and cinnamon. It was medium bodied, dry and delicious!

Drinking this wine will make your whole heart happy. You’ll feel like you’re right there in Mallorca with the locals. It is fruity, smooth and oh so yummy. It lingers and keeps you reaching for more. After doing some quick research I found that these grapes (Callet & Manto Negro) are only grown in Mallorca, which I realized I may have learned during the tour but could easily have forgotten since then. (There was soooo much wine during my short time in Spain.) I realize this wine is probably not very accessible but nonetheless, if you have the chance to sample some then go for it! I was a little bit sad when I drank my last glass but happy too because it reminded me of some great memories shared in a beautiful city with some of the most welcoming and wonderful people I have ever met. And to me, that’s what wine is about. It’s the memories and feelings that come about when you enjoy that bottle. This life is precious so take it all in and enjoy it while you can.

Until next time, cheers my friends!

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