10 Reasons Why Making Your Own Wine Makes You a Better Wine Drinker

Hi wine lovers and friends! Thanks for your patience as it has taken me awhile to launch my next post. I’ve recently taken up a part-time job so I’m trying to balance that with my full time job and writing. It’s just an adjustment so bear with me during this time. 🙂

A few months back I decided to make my own wine. I must admit, it was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. It was a lot of work and quite a bit of a learning process but I loved every minute of it. I purchased the equipment and “kit” at a home brew store here in Spokane. A kit means that it contains the juice and all necessary ingredients for making your own wine, where as more experienced wine makers may use their own fruit or grapes (depending what type of wine is being made). I chose a Syrah, Grenache and Mouvedre blend, which is a red wine for those who are still learning. 🙂 Without further ado here are 10 reasons why making your own wine is kick-ass:

1) Appreciation – After putting in all that work, it is so great to enjoy a bottle of your own wine. Nothing compares!

2) Science – I was never a fan of this particular subject in school but when it comes to wine I’m completely the opposite. I love learning how everything comes together to make something so delicious.

3) Aromas – You’ll really begin to pick up on certain scents and notice changes throughout the wine-making process. This can help because you can better link which aromas are associated with what wines. It also helps to refine your nose palate. Pretty sure I just made that word up.

4) Knowledge – You will learn so much! I can’t even begin to go into details because I will be writing for days. Also, you will be pretty fancy smancy at dinner parties and such when you’re dropping hardcore wine knowledge left and right. See number 5.

5) Talk the talk – You really want to wow your friends? Use words like malolactic fermentation, tannins and potassium bitartrate. You will be cool and all the kids will like you. (Disclaimer: No promises are being made on that last part.)

6) Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills – So price-wise, making your own wine is pretty awesome and cheap. I paid $90.00 for the equipment, which can be used over and over again. For the kit itself I paid $150.00. I ended up with 27 bottles at the end of the whole process. Not factoring in the equipment since that can be used again that brings us to about $5.56 per bottle. Say what?! And for some pretty tasty wine too! This isn’t wine brewed up in some old boots in your grandpa’s basement (no offense, maybe gramps makes decent wine). That is a sweet deal my friends.

7) Abundance of wine – As stated in number 6, you will have oodles of bottles lying around your house. I kept 2 or 3 bottles out to enjoy right away and then aged the rest. Since then, I’ve tried one bottle at the halfway mark and will let the rest age for another couple months. You will pretty much have a year round supply of wine. Unless you’re like me and consume a bit more. Then it’s enough for maybe 3 weeks. No judgement here.

8) Great gifts – Because you will have so much wine you may suddenly find yourself with suspiciously more friends than you remember. This is ok because you dictate what happens to your beloved wine. Heck, you could even use your wine to buy more friends if you’d like. Remember, no judging here. I have already given away a few bottles and will be giving away more soon. (Please note: It is illegal to sell wine you make at home like this unless you have an established wine business of some sort. So, don’t be silly)

9) Conversation starter – While you are talking amongst strangers and they are all “Yeah I played Call of Duty all weekend” or “I spent my winter break staring at the frozen tundra and hating the world” then you will casually reply “Oh, I just spent the past couple of months MAKING MY OWN FREAKIN’ WINE.” There might be some silence while they take in how awesome you are. This is normal.

Siphoning the wine. I don't recommend wearing white during this.

Siphoning the wine. I don’t recommend wearing white during this.

10) Fun – I don’t really need to explain this one too much. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work from start to finish and there is some waiting involved. I did have fun though, especially sampling it during and after. It is so worth it in the end!

Thanks for reading! I know this was lengthier than most of my posts but I hope you enjoyed it. A word of advice: Be sure to keep a journal and record everything during the wine-making process. This is super important and helps you know what to do or not do next time. It’s also ideal for recording measurements and all that fun stuff. And take some pictures if you like!

Happy wine-making!

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