Meeting Your Edge: How it is Completely Scary and Wonderful at the Same Time

There is a phrase in yoga that you often hear. “Finding your edge.” The first time I heard a yoga instructor say this my mind instantly went to “The Edge of Glory,” which led to Lady Gaga. (Much to the avail of my brain, which was aiming for the whole mindfulness and being in the moment thing.) In all seriousness though, I was unsure exactly what she was referring to. I recall her explanation as being something along the lines of, “Your body should meet the pose. Come into a place where you are not overexerting yourself yet feel the benefits of the pose.” It didn’t really make much sense until I started experiencing it in my home practice, as well as in my own life. Meeting your edge means being kind to yourself. It means recognizing where you are at in life and being completely ok with that. Taking a breath, finding that sweet spot in the pose and surrendering to everything around you. It’s hard isn’t it? To relinquish that control to God, the Universe or whatever it is you believe in. But when you get to the point where you can? That’s when the magic really starts to happen.

When I talk about meeting my edge in a non-yoga way, I mean that I have learned to appreciate where I am at in my life. I do not need to get everything done in one day or figure out my life in a week. Those things take time and I have accepted that. And, just like in yoga, some days it’s really hard to get out of bed and face the day. Other days I feel that flow where things just fall into place. I refuse to beat myself up for being human or to apologize for being true to myself. I find that when I wake up grateful, accepting of where my life is in this very moment, opportunities present themselves to me in a way that I hadn’t noticed before.

The really beautiful thing about meeting your edge is that if you continually practice that way in whatever you’re doing, you will eventually be able to perfect that pose. The Universe will consistently meet you halfway. And yes, sometimes it won’t be pretty. Sometimes you will feel like you really just suck that day and nothing will go right. You might not even want to take out your mat. Other days you will feel like a total rockstar. But that’s life isn’t it? It isn’t perfect but the imperfect and messy makes it worth living because it gives us something to strive for.

With a little more gratitude and acceptance of ourselves, we are better able to create this amazing human experience we all get to be a part of. Isn’t that so neat? It makes me excited for life! You have the power to change your choices and attitude every single day. So, be kind to yourself friends. Recognize that what you have done today is beautiful and it is enough. As long as you are still working towards what you want and finding that happiness within yourself, you will be ok. Don’t push too hard and remember that all the best things take time.