Why Solo Travel is Good for the Soul – Part 2

Earlier this week, I wrote about my trip to Nelson, BC. As a follow-up to that, I’d like to point out the top 5 key areas of my life that have benefited from travel, thus why I fully support solo travel (or really any type of travel for that matter):

1) Personal growth – There is nothing that will develop you more culturally and as a human being on this planet than travel. It will open up your eyes to different ways of life and instill in you a feeling like no other. You begin to realize just how big our world really is and that we all play a small part. But, lots of people playing small parts can make a big difference.

2) Humility – This sort of ties into the first one. You gain a sense of appreciation for where you came from and where you have yet to go. And, you recognize that it is perfectly alright to ask for directions every now and then.

3) Spontaneity – I made decisions during my trips that I maybe wouldn’t have made before. I even took nearby trips on a whim just because! I truly feel that I owe much of my attitude of living in the moment to travel. Life doesn’t need to be about the hustle and bustle of an 8 – 5 that you dread, you can do something you love and to hell with what everyone else thinks.

4) Creativity – Things don’t always go according to plan and you might have to improvise. This is true not only in travel, but also in life. Things change and that’s ok. Make a new plan. Roll with the punches. Life will go on. And who knows, maybe that detour made your experience a heck of a lot better.

5) Independence – There is something to be said for going on an excursion by yourself, whether it’s near or far from home. Even the making of the decision can be so…freeing. Nothing and nobody to hold you back from whatever sort of plans you want to make. Try something new. Find your favorite dish. Figure out your signature drink. Discover what it is in this world that you absolutely love. Taking that time with just yourself really allows you to gain an understanding for who you are as a person.

So, what are you waiting for already? Grab that passport, get your ticket and start exploring friends!



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