27 Things I’ve Learned at 27

Can I just start by saying it’s my birthday?! Ok, I just needed to put that out there. Having your birthday the day after Christmas or near a holiday in general, it often gets forgotten or overshadowed. But hey, we can’t pick our birthdays last time I checked. After a great deal of travel nonsense that I don’t wish to discuss at the moment, I am finally enjoying my time relaxing in the beautiful Bahamas and would like to share some insight, tidbits, moments and memories of what I’ve learned during my 27 years on this Earth. They might be based on my experiences or discussions with other people. On my travels, hopes, dreams, fears and losses.

  1. You will never regret dancing, ever.
  2. Actions will always speak louder than words.
  3. Our life circumstances may not always be ideal, but every moment passes.
  4. Stay focused on reaching your goals, but be sure to find lessons in the journey.
  5. Attend as many of your friends’ weddings as you can, even if it means traveling. I’ve made some of my best memories and learned valuable lessons about myself in the process.
  6. Phones are not as scary as you think. Hearing the voice of somebody you love will mean more than a text message, especially if you’re a million miles away. (In other words, call your grandma. She misses you.)
  7. Don’t be afraid to cry on your bedroom floor. Sure, it sounds weird and it will probably be over the end of a relationship, but there’s nothing like coming back from it.
  8. Be silly with the person you love. If they accept it and are able to be silly with you, don’t let them go.
  9. Find something good in each day.
  10. Things are replaceable, people are not. Apologize to the ones you care about when you make a mistake.
  11. Forgive often, even if it takes awhile to reach that point. Your heart will feel lighter when you let those negative feelings go.
  12. Remember your most perfect and amazing days. Record those memories. Recount them to family and friends. Capture these beautiful moments any way you can.
  13. Go to college or don’t but don’t let anybody make you feel bad based on your decision.
  14. A job is a job and that deserves respect.
  15. Be able to accept criticism but don’t go finding faults in others.
  16. When you’re able to, purchase a nice mattress of good quality. You spend lots of time in bed so that’s important.
  17. Always keep flashlights in your house and probably in your car as well. (This sounds so simple but I learned the hard way when my power was knocked out for a week.)
  18. Never settle. If you are faced with the choice of a lifetime of unhappiness or learning to navigate the world on your own, always pick the second one.
  19. You are stronger than you think. Remind yourself of that and surround yourself with people who remind you as well.
  20. Learn to cook. Just being able to whip up something basic can be so nice.
  21. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. I can’t tell you how many times I have called up my mom or dad, asking for advice on topics ranging from purchasing a car to planning a trip.
  22. Date. A lot. You will discover what you won’t tolerate, how to love yourself completely, and the feeling of heartbreak. All of these will lead you to find somebody worth being with, who will love you just as much as you love them.
  23. Laugh more than you cry.
  24. Stay in touch with friends. Yes, you will both be busy and life will be hectic but having great friends by your side through all of it can keep you sane. Make the effort.
  25. Per my dad, “The only thing you need to know in this life is to be a good person.” So simple and true.
  26. Always, always make room for love. Your heart may break but it will heal in time. Don’t close yourself off to incredible potential relationships.
  27. Most importantly, find a way to be in love with your life. Make changes in the pursuit of your happiness. Be fearless and vulnerable in your search. Nobody is responsible for your life except you. Own up to what you want and never stop chasing it.

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