Dream Big Baby Boy

On January 7th, 2016, I became an aunt to a beautiful baby boy. Though my sister lives far away, my heart was overjoyed at the sight of this tiny and precious gift. This is my letter to him during his first week in this great, big world.

Hi Jonah!

Welcome to this crazy and magical experience called life. My sweet and adorable nephew, I am your fun and sassy aunt Heather. You have other awesome aunts as well so just remember me as the hipster living in Washington.

Anyway, you are really lucky to have two wonderful parents. I would know since I grew up with your mom. (Do I have some stories for you. When you’re old enough of course.) As for your dad, he’s a pretty outstanding guy in my book. Since you are half of each of them, you are going to be one amazing human being! You sure outdid yourself there.

Where do I begin? For starters, your family is scattered all over the country, but we find a way to make it work. I think it’s because we love each other? Just teasing. Of course it is! We all have different schedules and busy lives and while it’s hard to see each other as often as we’d like sometimes, the times we do spend together are filled with love.

If you ever want to see what snow looks like (since you live in the South), take a trip up my direction and we can build all the snowmen you want. And throw snowballs at your parents too, because being your aunt I encourage such tom foolery. It’s in my job description.

I am so looking forward to whatever you bring to this life. To see what you create and watch you grow as a person. To get to know you as you develop a personality. To give you advice and guidance, even when you think you’re cooler than me. Oh, I can foresee the conversations now.”Seriously mom, Aunt Heather has wine within 3 feet of her at all times. She can’t know what she’s talking about.” Yes, your mother will probably enlighten you on my love for all things wine.

Here is some of my best advice I can offer you:

  1. Read my blog. As long as your mother says it’s ok. (And if she doesn’t, you just let me know.)
  2. A mother was talking to her son at the restaurant I currently work at. I heard her say, “Never date somebody who is rude to servers.” Absolutely 100% true. This is a great judge of somebody’s character.
  3. Chase your dreams sweet nephew! Be fearless in life. That includes relationships and whatever it is that sets your heart on fire. I truly hope you find it, whatever it is. It won’t be easy, I can assure you of that. But, it will be worth it. Remember, the best things in life take the most work.
  4. You might think your family is completely crazy and maybe even annoying at times, but I promise you will look back and wish you had more time with them. Cherish those moments! Even the ridiculous family outings and vacations. It isn’t actually about what you’re doing at the time, but more so about the fact that you’re all together.
  5. Love yourself, love your life and the rest will follow.

This song reminded me of you sweet baby! Can’t wait to see all you accomplish and become. I love you with my whole heart.

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