What I’m NOT Doing in the New Year

I’m not the resolutiony type and I make no apologies for that. Anybody who is setting a goal with the idea of changing themselves for the better has my utmost respect. But, as I am already a professional procrastinator, I truly try to work on becoming the best version of myself year round. (Otherwise, I would just put it off for another year.) As I was going about my daily life the other day, I came to the realization that there are many things I wish NOT to do as 2017 swiftly approaches. Compiled neatly in list form (because who doesn’t like a good list), here they are:

My List of Resolution Will-Not’s:

  • I will NOT compare myself to the woman standing next to me. Yes, she probably has more curves. Yes, she is probably more well endowed where I am lacking. But, she has her own insecurities, flaws, and problems in life. What I have been handed in this life, including my body and all that comes with it, is specifically designed for me. I can continually strive to make it a healthier, stronger body for me. I feel best when I remember I’m blessed.
  • I will NOT try to fit the mold. I am not crafty, punctual, a morning person, organized and 100 other things. The moment I owned up to that, I felt like a whole new person. Just the other day I was taught the correct way to wrap Christmas presents. I have been wrapping presents incorrectly for a large part of my life!! And for pretty much all of my adult life! (P.S….Thank you gift-wrapping angel.) I can’t whip together a recipe on the spot. Mornings make me crabby. And I feel like trying to be organized takes some level of organization? I live my life much like I wrap presents. Bits and pieces fly about while I’m in the process and I sometimes misplace things, but in the end, it all comes together and looks quite nice. Summary: Your life is much simpler when you admit who you are, instead of stressing yourself out by being something you are not.

Photo Credit: latestthoughts Flickr via Compfight cc

  • I will NOT be afraid of failure. How many times have we started a project or had a brilliant idea but never pursued either of them out of fear? Failure is a key component in this ever-changing masterpiece of life. How do you make it to the finish line if your feet never leave the ground? I’m guilty of this and all of us probably are at sometime in our lives. Take off running and don’t worry what the future holds.
  • I will NOT stop giving. I am 100% thrilled about the volunteer opportunities that have presented themselves for the new year. Never did I dream that immersing myself within my community in such a way would have the impact it has. I have seen changes come in leaps and bounds, not only in me, but also in those I’ve had the chance to work with. As I notice more connections being made, I am overwhelmed by the incredible amount of love that keeps on flowing. I plan to fill 2017 with even more giving than this past year.
  • I will NOT regret making myself a priority. More often than not, I will keep going and going, without taking a day during the week to recharge, even though I know I absolutely NEED that alone time to hit the reset button. I’ve already begun taking up hobbies (including hot yoga!) and finding what sets my soul on fire so I can continue being my best self, not only for me, but for those around me as well.

Photo Credit: cgvector Flickr via Compfight cc


Happy New Year friends. Be sure to make it a good one.

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