Side-View Mirrors & Reaching Goals

Sometime this summer(ish), my adorable car (Felix) had a little run-in with a pole. Obviously, this was the fault of the driver (that’s me) of said car. I was backing out of my parking space in the carport and in that time, I didn’t realize just how close I was to the pole that was located directly to my right. In what seemed like a rather brief moment, there was a loud noise and the side-view mirror on the right side of my car was suddenly gone. As I was in a hurry, I jumped out of my car, laid the pieces gently in my backseat, and drove off. (Seeing as how I run late pretty much all of the time, I’m not surprised I was in a hurry.) I was completely irritated with myself because what had happened to my car was owed to the simple fact that I was not paying attention at that moment in time. I was distracted by most everything else I was thinking of, instead of focusing on backing out properly.



Felix and I have had some pretty great times together


Isn’t that how we find ourselves journeying through life at times? Aren’t we often so wrapped up in everything else going on that we lose sight of the seemly small, yet significantly important, details around us? For instance, in my case, I tell myself I can’t accomplish a goal (let’s say….becoming a writer), procrastinate by filling my life with meaningless distractions (more work, Netflix, drinks, you name it) and then never land the dream job or write that book. Sure, the distractions are ok for a bit but where does that leave me in the long run? Yeah, I could drive around without a side-view mirror for awhile but that’s going to make my life exceedingly difficult and in the end, possibly cause an accident. I lost focus and failed to align my lifestyle with my goals.

I didn’t believe that being in a hurry and hitting a pole would make me come to these realizations that day. But, I found that I am often rushing to get out the door because I will sometimes fill my time with those useless distractions. However, I would rather learn to focus my attention on what I want to accomplish in this life and if what I am doing is giving my life meaning.

To quote the great Tim Ferriss:

“Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action.”

When we pour our energy into everything but what we are building our lives towards accomplishing–whether it be hitting career goals, budgeting and saving to buy that dream home, or creating something of lasting beauty–then we have completely lost sight of what we set out to do. Your side-view mirror falls off and eventually, you’ll crash. You’ll crash when you look back and realize what you COULD have done. When you are wishing for more time. When you get burned out devoting yourself to all the distractions and possibly take those stresses out on yourself or people you love.

It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions and miss what we were aiming for in the first place. For us to be in a hurry and not do it right. To stay busy with 1,000 other non-essential items on our to-do list in order to “feel better” about ourselves, although not entirely fulfilled. The distractions and busyness can momentarily bring us relief, but will you actually be happy? Prioritize your time. Make a list of your goals, the things that you could do if nobody (including yourself), told you no. Find time each day to etch away at making those dreams become a reality. And, if you hit a pole along the way, try not to get too worked up. It’s just a reminder to get back on track.

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