Financially Free Friday: The Finance Apps that Worked for Me

Happiest of Friday friends!! May February bring you some financial bliss or whatever else you may be seeking. 🙂

Today, I will be highlighting some finance apps and websites I’ve used, noting what works best for me. Remember, what I find works best might not be what you feel is best for your path and financial plan. It all might look different! – I’ll be honest, at this stage of my life and financial journey, this is the ONLY website (no app yet!) I use to keep track of my finances. My friend, financial advisor and guru, Saraa, got me into it. It costs $8 a year for the premium version (, which offers a few more options than the free version. (And at a great price!) These are some of my favorite key features:

  • A nifty dashboard highlighting where you’re at right now. It highlights your projected date as to when you will become debt free (which changes as progress is made or not made), interest rates of each debt, monthly interest and projected total interest you’ll pay, and the projected payoff month. Finally, the fun part is seeing my overall progress percentage change as I keep chipping away at the debt!!


  • Each debt account has its own page. Here, you can see the balance, the highest balance, your monthly payment and interest rate. Also, this is where you enter a payment whenever one is made on that account.


  • This is also one of my favorite parts – The Debt Snowball Table! This will also change as progress is made. I love being able to see what I need to allocate towards each loan each month in order to reach my goal.


Overall, is obviously my favorite. You can enter how much you are planning on putting towards your debt each month, or your “monthly budget.” You can even compare different types of repayment plans (Debt Avalanche, Highest Debt to Lowest, Highest Interest Rate, etc.). This website has been a game changer in how I view and manage my finances.

Mint – I did use Mint awhile back but I’m not sure why because at the time, I didn’t really give a hoot about how I was spending my money. Haha. Currently, it isn’t much use to me since I am just using cash each month. I like that you have the ability to set savings goals. However, for those who use their debit card and want a look into where they are spending their money, this site is a great asset.

Every Dollar – My financial advisor, Saraa, (that’s what we will refer to you as from now on) got me set up on this one. It is incredibly helpful in tracking where each and every dollar is going (hence the name). However, I just find that using pen and paper works best for me since I am only using cash.


Getting those ducks in a row

Hope this was a good start for you guys! Let me know if you have any questions, as well as what sites or apps work for you!


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