Glacier National Park: Photo Recap

My dearest friends! Life is filled with varying twists and turns, sometimes, completely knocking us down when we least expect it. To recap these past few weeks, I accepted a residential mentor position which led to me to move into a beautiful home within Spokane. Also, I am now going through a breakup that was put into motion as of two weeks ago. Needless to say, this world can leave you breathless in a myriad of ways. One minute you’re on the very tippy-top, where the sun shines just a bit brighter because you feel the pieces falling into place after months of patience and hard work. But then, in the same breath, you are thrown for a loop by immense change. That is what this experience has been for me, a reminder of impermenence and that our identity cannot be held in other people or worldly possessions. So yes, in all that doesn’t make sense right now while I sift through this, I would like to share pictures of a super happy time in my life.

I’ve truly been working on giving myself grace as I navigate this transitional time in my life. A time where I am making decisions solely for myself while simultaneously going where I feel called. A time where I want to plan more for me. A time where I can reflect on whether the decisions in my past were truly my own or the whims of a young woman hoping to make other people happy.  The transitions right now feel great and the amount of patience and perseverance required is trying at times. I just keep reminding myself that if mountains were easily climbed, everybody would do it.

Glacier Park- July 2016

Continue climbing those mountains friends!!

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