Dreampods & Cultivating Gifts

Friends, I’m working on having a consistent weekly day/time for when new posts are released! Every Sunday at 8 am! (Pacific time) Perfect for you to read over your morning coffee (or brunch for you Midwesterners/Easterners). 🙂

This week I partook in something quite like anything else. An experience I will try to describe and one in which I would encourage anyone to look in to if they have even the slightest interest. I went “floating” and would gladly do it again. What exactly is “floating” you may ask…..

Float Spokane lists the opening line on their website as:


Super descriptive right?! While it does sound rather meditative (or perhaps like an intro for a retirement community) in the singing bowls, chakra-what sort of way, I can assure you that it lives up to its promise. (Disclaimer: We are all at varying places in our life journey. We all respond to our environments differently. While I soak up the thought of being in stillness whether through yoga/meditation/etc., I realize that is not the case for everyone. This is simply based on what I took away from my float.)

A further description on the website lists “floating” as:

During a float session, you are suspended in a high density solution of magnesium sulfates (epsom salts) and 225 gallons of 93 degree skin temperature water. The idea behind floating is to deprive the user of all external stimuli and allow the body and mind to go about finding areas that it needs to naturally heal. All of this takes place in our top of the line Dreampod floatation tanks, one of the most luxurious pods on the market. Entering the Dreampod transports the user into a new world of calm and tranquility where stresses and pains seem to just disappear. Backed by 30 years of research, floatation therapy is a natural tune up for the mind and body.

If you had previously asked me to do this in my lifetime, I would not have been sure how to answer that. However, I had received a gift certificate for my birthday and didn’t want to let it go to waste. I had heard some stories from friends and what I read online but also knew I wouldn’t truly understand if I didn’t at least try it out. So, I booked my appointment, prepared myself best I could and was on my way to float!

I arrived at the location and it had a very spa-like feeling upon entering. They had me watch a brief video about what the experience would be like and then I was on my way. Initially, upon entering the pod, it felt considerably akin to a large bath. I settled in and did my best to enjoy this. I chose to completely shut my pod door and turn off the inside light for the full effect. As I became accustomed to what was happening around me, my brain slowly began to turn off its chatter and I was enveloped in stillness, along with extreme peacefulness. How I felt throughout my float would morph during what I could describe as different phases. I was able to sink in to more of a meditative state after about 20 minutes in and found myself finding answers to questions I’d tucked away.


My Dreampod


One such question was whether I was truly cultivating that which has been given to me in this life. Call it God, the Universe, that little voice inside, or your subconscious. I am not certified to answer what exactly. All that I had been wondering and questioning within myself had suddenly been brought to light and while I didn’t always like what was being addressed, it was much needed. When asked if I was doing everything in my power to bring my gifts to the world I was met with a resounding, “No.” So simple, so concise, so quiet and yet it spoke so loudly. I thought I would be angrier with this revelation but I wasn’t.

In my acceptance, I simply reflected during this one peaceful hour of time I had allotted to myself. We enter this “Dreampod” of life and it is already filled for us. With our talents, gifts, unique perspective and all the magic of our souls we will sprinkle on to the world during our stay here. Our goal though, is to uncover it. How can we find, strengthen and grow that which we are given? You want to learn a new hobby. You’d like to implement change in your community. Maybe you’re thinking about going back to school. Or perhaps, feeding that creative, inspiring soul of yours.

Your pod has a little light and the temperature starts out just right. We are filled to the brim with uncertainty when we step in. What if I DON’T actually float? What if I sink? What if I’m uncomfortable? All of those add up, making this floating idea seem pretty dang frightening. I have been semi-comfortable lately. Complacent in my current situation but knowing I need more depth. I recently made a decision to bring life goals to the forefront but I will 100% admit that my blog goals and writing took a backseat to all else. And while I believe in giving ourselves grace, I can also admit when Procrasto Girl (my alter ego) is making more appearances than usual.


13064489_10153649131893763_8137156684240159683_oI found that which fuels me….writing. To let that fizzle out with the constant….”I’ll do it tomorrows” would be doing myself a great disservice. I didn’t arrive here with answers but I am prepared to keep pushing and digging deep, to uncover those talents and keep polishing them. Perfecting them for an imperfect world. It isn’t easy and it isn’t meant to be. The very first time I published a blog post out in to the internet world for all to see was extremely terrifying. But, I received so much love from friends, family, and others I didn’t even know. An open heart and a love of written words. Those were two pieces that made me Heather. I was only just beginning to see how far they would take me at the time. Looking ahead, I see that there is only infinite room for me to hone those skills. May you all have the chance to do the same while we’re here.

Shine on friends.




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