Hi friends!

You made it and I’m so dang happy you did!

I’m Heather and this blog is about my adventures, musings and insights into wine. Whether it is researching, making it, or my personal favorite, drinking it, I want to share it with you. I currently reside in the beautiful state of Washington, where I moved to after living in the land of cheese, a.k.a Wisconsin, for 5 years. As much as Wisconsin can be pretty awesome, I am so in love with where I am at because we are blessed to have an abundance of wine. Over 800 wineries to be exact!!

Clown wine decanter as a college graduation gift. So great!

Clown wine decanter as a college graduation gift. So great!

You will find the experiences that led me up to this wine discovering journey I am on. There will be travel, laughter, and perhaps books I am reading. You may find recommendations, ramblings while I am sipping a few glasses and tips on making your own wine. Maybe some tasting notes. Do I know what I’m talking about in them? Of course. Not really. But, drinking wine is an experience and it should be fun too! Wine is so much more than tasting notes and big, fancy words. It is a process involving science, a way of bringing people together and also something I am incredibly passionate about. And that, my friends, is the reason I started this crazy project in the first place.

What do I want for YOU the readers?

I want to make your day a bit brighter in the hopes you leave here feeling refreshed. I want you to learn something new. I want you to make a connection to the region where that beautiful bottle of Tempranillo came from. To smell or taste something you perhaps didn’t notice before. I want to drink wine with you. (Maybe we can all plan a trip sometime?) Mostly I just want you to have a good freakin’ time and celebrate this beautiful life. Hopefully with wine. ♥

You can help me too! You may have a much easier method when it comes to winemaking or some really great recommendations for me so by all means, please share! I enjoy comments and suggestions but also making new friends. I would like for this to feel easy and carefree for both of us, like sitting in the sunshine or falling in love. But, we both know life ain’t always easy so there will be a few bumps along the way.
My happy place

My happy place

This blog is a journey and even though I’m terrible with directions, I’ve realized that’s not so bad. I always end up exactly where I need to be. Sure, sometimes it takes longer, I throw my GPS across the car and end up having a brief cry session until I get it together. But, the best part is I always make it there eventually, surrounded by people I love and usually with one heck of a story.

So let’s do this. Let’s start a riot shall we? A Graperiot that is.


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