Take a Breath…You Made It

Hi, I’m Heather. I could go into details about where I live, what I do for a living and all these other things that we are led to believe make up who we are. And in a way, they do. It’s how we communicate with others and convey who we are as a person. But, that’s precisely the reason I’m here. I think that we are more than these “stats” that we lay out at the beginning of a conversation, which is why, among other reasons, I am making this year about me. I have devoted this year to self-discovery and growth.

What if there is more than this identity we perceive of ourselves? What if there is more than incessantly analyzing everything every single day? I will try to find separateness from my Ego in all of this, as well as hopefully getting closer to figuring out my passion. Ego can be a funny thing. In the one sense it allows us to hold an identity in this world; what we think, feel or perceive. On the other hand, Ego can be really annoying and get in the way. For instance, as soon as you start to shift away from it or want to take a risk by diving into who you really are Ego might say, “I’m here! Notice me. Feed me. Love me. You need me in your life, there is no other way.”

unnamed (27)

No matter where you are in life, what aspects you think you have under control or what kind of person you are, this Ego part is within all of us. That can be hard to hear, for anybody. So how do we step away from it? How do we shift towards that separateness and find Consciousness? To awaken to who we truly are? By being completely and totally present in every moment. We as humans are always thinking and the two main thoughts that stop us from being present are dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. I’m an expert in both. However, I have come to a point in my life where I know there is more and have a strong desire to find what makes me passionate in this life.

This blog is a collection of thoughts, stories, moments, fears and hopes during this process. It will not be easy but I am hoping by this time next year to have a greater understanding of who I am, whatever that may mean. And maybe by finding who I am I will be guided to what it is I am passionate about. I don’t like to put a timeline on it though as life just flows in whichever way it is meant to.

unnamed (30)

Step into the now with me. Right here, today, in this moment. Don’t worry about deadlines or schedules. Breathe in that sacred breath that grounds you and remember why you are here. We are all having a human experience and it is incredibly amazing. Exhale gratitude.

Whether we are old friends or new, I am truly grateful you are here, sharing this with me.


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